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It's the Raep Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

It's the Raep Pumpkin, CB. by ~jHYtse on deviantART

My version of a more grown up Linus and the Great Pumpkin from Peanuts.

If you live in North America, the Peanuts specials are on every Halloween and Christmas since the 1960s when it first came out. You could say, it has become part of American pop culture.

This drawing was obviously inspired by "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." I had asked on Twitter (yes, once again XD;;) what I should draw for Halloween. Someone suggested a sexy pumpkin, and another person said something about pumpkin vines, then that lead me thinking to pumpkin vines raep, like tentacle raep =3=;;

If you ever watched Robot Chicken where they did a parody of the Peanuts Halloween Special, you would noticed I based my "Great Pumpkin" on their design and partially on their concept. In the original Peanuts, the Great Pumpkin is never shown.

On a side note, last week I noticed a medium-sized pumpkin had suddenly appear in my front yard, underneath the bushes. It remained there everyday. This morning, my dad noticed that the pumpkin had slightly moved; it's now on the grass and not under the bushes anymore. Who brought the pumpkin there in the first place? Kids? Animals? Or the Great Pumpkin? O__o

From Jeteplume's Imagination.

From Jeteplume's Imagination by ~jHYtse on deviantART

Jeteplume is someone I follow on Twitter. She was saying this is how she imagined how FuzzyOctopi and I looked to her. I'm the one in purple on the left, and FuzzyOctopi is the one in pink on the right.

Her descriptions were so detailed that I couldn't help but sketch it out ^^; It's scary how she guessed some things right about me O___o

As you can tell I'm on Twitter fairly often ^__^
Follow me at jHYtse if you have Twitter. Don't be a stranger, come talk to me~

Chasing the Moon.

Chasing the Moon by ~jHYtse on deviantART

China and Russia from Hetalia.

Remember that piece I kept mentioning in my previous entries? Well, I finished it a few days after the Mid-Autumn orz....... But I didn't upload it here until now orz X2.......

Anyways, this was a request from someone on Twitter. She wanted Russia X China, and since it was near Mid-Autumn, I drew her this.

You may notice I drew China as the mythological character of Chang E. I thought if I drew China as Chang E, then I should draw Russia as a Russian mythological character associated with the moon too. I tried looking, and the closest I found was Jarilo . The outfit is supposed to be that of Russian folk wear ^^;;

For this drawing I tried out a new way of colouring on Photoshop. What do you think of it?

Hardboiled Yaranaika

Hardboiled Yaranaika by ~jHYtse on deviantART

Fan art of Hard Gay? I don't even......

Recently, I've been drawing line art for the same drawing I mentioned in my previous entry. I finally finished, now all I need is to colour it. The style I am going for for that drawing is more soft and shoujo. I guess I got a bit tired of that. So I said on Twitter I wanted to draw something hardboiled and manly. So Aznchai suggested I draw a yaranaika face on a hardboiled egg. That is exactly what I did here, and also added Hard Gay's outift XD It isn't so hard to get the pun, right?


Undertaker by ~jHYtse on deviantART

A quick coloured sketch of what I saw in my dreams last night. Undertaker from KuroShitsuji. I'm pretty sure most anime fans, like myself, has had anime-related dreams. I occasionally have these kinds of dreams, and sometimes i will draw what I saw. I thought this was pretty sexy; I just couldn't waste it ^^;;

Recently, I've sort of been trying out this new form of colouring. My first time was in Hot Dog (that one with Germany X Prussia; scroll down below to previous journal entry). I wanted a soft gradual look. Controlling the shading can be hard for a noob like me =3=;;

I really must finish my next big drawing before Mid-Autumn Festival. I'm not even down the line art yet OTL I've been slacking.

Must mention that I went to Fan Expo Canada in Toronto last Saturday. I don't have much to say other than "nerd rage", "mismanagement of everything", and "Instead of Fan Expo, it should be called Line Expo". Its only saving grace for me was the OGATA Megumi (緒方恵美)concert. Her concert was not included in Fan Expo's admission. One has to paid an extra either $30 or $20 ticket to see it. She is the seiyuu for Shinji (Evangelion), Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon), and many more. The concert was supposed to start at 7:30pm, but got delayed to 9:30pm. Ogata-san's voice was very strong, and she had a live band with her, which made the concert very energetic. It was an amazing concert overall.