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Nothing But An Apron


England from Hetalia.

Drew this for someone, from somwhere. She always faves my stuff so i gave her a free request. She wanted England in only an apron.

Sorry that i haven't been updating this blog with oekaki lately (As if anyone like those things anyways -__-;;) In my previous entries, i mentioned i'm going to be on a month long holiday, which is now. Yet, i haven't been putting up art here like crazy. It's because now that i am on holiday, i go to the office, 9am-5pm, two times a week for my internship. Lately, my supervisor is so busy that he didn't plan any work for me. Hence, i have been sketching like mad at the office in my cubicle...orz.... Even if i have so many Chrismtas sketches, i will never have enough time to colour them all in before Christmas -__-;;

I don't feel like i'm on holiday at all!!! TT^TT

I like the last template i used, the dark blue one, but the main column was too narrow for my drawings. So now i changed to this one for the holiday season. I really wish the dark blue template had wider columns 030



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