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Hmm? young Master?


Sebastian from KuroShitsuji.

You might be thinking "Hey! Thatt's not fanart!! You lied to me by calling this an 'oekaki blog'!! I feel cheated, and hence, I can no longer trust anyone in this world."

If you thought that, i feel sorry for you, and not saying sorry to you :P (just kidding) But anyways, today i finally bought the Sebastian Nendoroid!!! w00t! But i want to know, has anyone bought Nendoroids that were CHEAPER than what you would have to pay for in Japan?? If they are cheaper, does that mean they are knockoffs? I looked so very carefully on the packaging and it looks real to me O___o

Here's the same photo but before all that dishonest manipulation:

And here's one with my L Nendoroid. I swear, I think everyone has the L one XD i also noticed that compared with Sebastian, L has a huge head.

Sorry for not updating this blog more often <---now i apologize ^__^;; Just been busy with life and haven't had the time to draw much. But my school semester is over in the next two weeks, so gonna draw like mad then!



yeah alot of the stuff is cheaper. the night market where i live is usually cheapknock offs but they are cheap and then theres the stuff that looks really real.
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