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America, Canada, and Kumajiro from Hetalia.

Not one of my favourite drawings. Horrible perspective; at one point i even forgot about perspective...orz.... I hope you get the references in my drawing ^__^;;

Happy Halloween Everyone~! Or i should be saying Happy Devil's Night since it is October 30th rightnow. And then All Saints' Day on November 1st.

Sadly, i don't have any plans for Halloween this year, at least i think i don't. I'm not handing out candies; haven't been doing that since i was around 12 or so. The last time i went trick or treating was when i was 17 :D It was a spur of the moment thing, i didn't even have a costume. So all i did was wear a black turtleneck, black jeans, green puffy vest, and a red scarf wrapped around my waist, and "忍" written on my cheek. i dressed as a "ninja" XDDD so pathetic.....

Anyways, since i'm not giving out candies, i will be instead hiding in my house, pretending not to be home and not answering the door XD

Actually i don't have to worry about hiding from kids, because last year only a few people even WALKED around my street, let alone trick or treating. I think the reason may be because just twoweeks before Halloween, on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, a 19 year old guy got stabbed to death at the end of my street. I heard in the news because there was a house party and the guy got in a conflict with another guy hitting on his girlfriend.



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