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Squirrels are Lazy Bastards When They Think No One is Watching.

As you might know by now, evident from my daily oekaki, i have a thing for humanizing animals
^___^;; Why do i draw animals so often you may ask? Well it's because i notice them the most, that's all.

So here's my version of a black squirrel. The frequently seen species in my area. I see grey squirrels too, but not as much as the black squirrels. I think grey squirrels are much cuter. Too bad i don't get to see the red squirrels of Britain. They have these longish ears that makes them almost rabbit-like. Even cuter than the grey squirrel, in my opinion.

A few summers back, i saw a black squirrel sitting in front of my front door area of my house. It was rapidly chomping on some mouldy pecan-like nut, looked kind of like a plum pit. It was so fast in its movement and rotating that nut to eat it.

But i have notice that when squirrels are relax and think no one is watching them, they tend to be really lazy. I've seen them just lie around flat on their tummies on the grass or tree branches. They move by slowly crawling low to the ground/branch.

Recently during the winter, i have also notice the squirrels don't sit on snow, and instead on tree branches or clawed onto the tree trunks.

Man....why they hell did i write a journal entry about squirrels.....i am pathetic.....orz...



At my old workplace, squirrels would run out of the bushes during lunchtime to the tables and watch us eat. They were expecting food, and if someone did drop something, they'd quickly run to grab it. Those were some big squirrels. Cute squirrel picture, by the way. :)
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  • 2009.01/21 02:55分 
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you're so cute!! such an animal person /hughug

i havent seen any squirrel.. we have lots of possums here.. their eyes are huge so its a little scary to look at
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  • 2009.01/21 06:15分 
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*A* i have never seen a live possum in the wild!! Even though we have them here too. I think they come out at night only (?) i think the possum here have tiny beady black eyes, and vicious looking teeth -__-;;

you could say i am an animal person, but iam not really an animal lover. it's weird and awkward to explain....


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