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Takasugi from Gintama.

Apparently September 30th, 2009 was the release date for the Birth of Shiroyasha (銀魂降誕) DVD. It's 45 minutes long and includes Gin-san's past during the Joui era.

As a Gintama fangirl, i NEED this to be subbed in English *A*

To commemorate this release i took a photo of the mini poster included in the second Gintama manga guide, 銀魂五年生 (Gintama Gonensei).

From the above preview clip, i noticed Takasugi genuinely smile. First time seeing that!!! *A* But the fact that he was covered in blood and holding a bloody sword did not really contribute to his sincere smile XD


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Translations (hopefully) 

Lot's of the dialogue are found in previous episodes already.
Here are some of them I managed to make out/guess

Katsura: Is this the end? Rather than being killed by them let's slit our stomachs like a bushi!

Gintoki: Cut the crap...

Gintoki: Stand up.

Gintoki: Rather than dreaming about your beautiful death, I'd rather live beautifully until the end.

Gintoki: Let's do it, Zura

Katsura: Not Zura it's Katsura!

Katsura: That's man's silver hair was dyed with blood. On the battlefeild, he fought like a deamon.

*scene changes to a green colored amanto*

Amanto: (Very sorry but couldn't make this part out)

Sakamoto: Were not going down yet (battle cry)

Takasugi: Charge after me Kihetai!

*Scene changes with Sakamoto and Katsura*

Sakamoto: You look like your having trouble (a tease)

Katsura: You don't understand/none of your business

Sakamoto: Ahahaha

*Scene with Takasugi and Gintoki*

Takasugi: Here... Need some help Gintoki?

Gintoki: Shut up! Which bastard told you that?

*scene changes to starry sky*

Sakamoto: I've decided! To go to the sky. This war is killing many of our comrades. And many more may die.

*scene changes to Takasugi with his eye bleeding*

Takasugi: Ugh... I see... Your... At that time...!

Takasugi: Gintoki!

Gintoki: This bastard...!

Takasugi/Gintoki: Damn you bastard!

*Scene changes to fire burning a house and a small Gin*

Gintoki: Damn... Shoyo-Sensei!!!

Hope this helps ^^


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