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Mid-Autumn 1368


China from Hetalia.

祝大家一個快樂的中秋節~~~! 我今年買不到榮華白蓮蓉月餅....TT__TT....太遲買......

Happy Mid-Autumn to Everyone~! This year is on October 3rd. Probably expect some mid-autumn oekaki from me during this week ^__^;; The above Chinese is probably the most Chinese i'm gonna type, because i'm too lazy and not that great at it...orz....

The above Chinese sentence basicially translates to me moaning the fact that i was too late in purchasing Wing Wah White Lotus Seed Mooncakes this year....orz.... I should have bought them when they came out about three weeks ago!!! Now they're sold out in around my area, and i don't have the time to go elsewhere to buy them. I'm so hellbent on buying Wing Wah mooncakes only, because i think they taste the best, and it's been a tradition for me to eat them ever since i was little. It's not like i love mooncakes, but more like i want to preserve this tradition of eating Wing Wah white lotus mooncakes. And why only pure white lotus paste you ask? That's because i don't like egg yolks, and i just scoop them out anyways.

The inspiration for this drawing came when i was reading up on Mid-Autumn on Wikipedia

八月十五殺韃子 = "Kill the Mongols on the 15th day of the 8th month"
One of the legends on how the Mid-Autumn Festival came to be was that there was a successful Chinese rebellion against Mongolian rule over China. The way to spread the message of the coming rebellion in secrecy without the Mongolian rulers knowing was by stuffing slips of paper into the mooncakes with this message.

I thought it would be funny for a cute China to be holding such a horrible genocidal message. I apologize if this offended anyone, especially to Mongolians.

gawd...i hate my fugly mooncake. It lacks planning, hence it's *bleeping* ugliness. And it doesn't even look that much like a mooncake....orz.....



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