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A sketch of Ciel from KuroShitsuji. (Shall be properly coloured later)

Yuzuki-san and i were spasming discussing her new found obsession of maidboys. As a gift to celebrate her new discovery, i told her i would give her a drawing of a maidboy.

When i was drawing this, i thought who would should don the universally smexy maid uniform? I figured the perfect candidate just had to be Ciel. I mean, he's got that handsome Sebastian at his calling. i wonder what they do after dark? *hehehehehe*

By the way, anyone that's seen the first season of the anime KuroShitsuji wondering how they are going to continue in the second season?

i think i need to draw something more manly and non-yaoi now.... cuz all i have been drawing since i got back from my trip is yaoi.....orz.....



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