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The Tiger and the Ox


Tora!Gin x Ushi!Hiji from Gintama.

For a bigger version, please see my DeviantArt

This drawing took me way too long. Well, it's not like i was working on it constantly. i did get sidetracked and starting reading a few yaoi titles <--that didn't help -___-;; I seriously wonder why i even procrastinate on the things i LIKE to do. I mean, isn't it enough i procrastinate at everything else in life too???

I noticed the background for this drawing is very weird. It's mainly because i couldn't decide the dimensions of the objects -___-;; That's why everything looks odd....orz.... and don't ge me started on the weird looking "hay". The sun beam doesn't make much sense either. i added that as an afterthought. I thought it would look cool; but instead it messed up with my originally planned light source. I found out that sun beams can make anything dramatic, anything.

So a little about my recent life. Couple of weeks ago i saw Ponyo in theatres with friends. i think this may be the fastest Ghibli film to ever reach North American shores; only took them a little over a year..... I'm going save my full fangasm rant for Ghibli films on a separate and upcoming entry.
Also, finally saw Harrry Potter and the Half-blood Prince on the same day (first time seeing two movies in a day). It was as disappointing as people said it was. But then again, the sixth blood was a transition book to the seventh. I didn't much like the sixth book anyways.

Alas, my friend and i have the time/chance to go see Inglourious Basterds tomorrow. I hope it's as good as they say it is :D



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