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A sketch of Hijikata and Itou from Gintama.

This is a request from Yuzuki-san. She wanted HijiXItou. This is suppose to be dramatic, but i don't find it dramatic enough..orz.... i don't think i can draw dramatic. i'm just not filled with enough seriousness and angst <--- there dashes away my hope of ever becoming an artist XD

This will be coloured later...don't exactly know when...but at least you know i did something, right? ^____^;;;

i've just realized, out of all the Gintama characters, i have drawn Hijikata-kun the most O___o Even, technically, Gin-san is my fave, but Hijikata-kun is an extremely close second. I blame it on Gin-san's difficult hair.


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Even though you say you don't think it's dramatic enough, I still love it sooo much *___* I can't wait to see it in color, AHHH you really didn't have to! DXXX *glomps* Hijitan actually looks really cute here, lol :'D

And wasn't there a tutorial in one episode explaining how to easily draw Gintoki's hair? xD I think all character's heads are based off of Shinpachi xDDD

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> i think Hiji-kun looks cute, because i'm kinda used to drawing him as a uke, especially when i drew my GinHiji doujin ^^;;; He's such a tsundere~~

hahaha~~ anyone that's ever drawn Gin-san fanart knows that tutorial. Sorachi-sensei makes it seem so easy, but in reality it's not. Many people agree with me -__-;;;
XDD Shinpachi is the boring old original template for all the characters!! XDD Actually, if i was Shinpachi, i would be proud of that fact :D
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Hijikata = Tsundere?

HELL YES <333333333

Itou also has that quality haha, there needs to be more HijiItou doujinshi TAT


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