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A very cute GinHiji (Gintama) one page doujin i got from Hacker Tsubaki a good friend's younger sister ^__^.

Got it because i brought doujins for her when i went to Japan. Technically, she still owns me one more :P But i don't mind haha~ I know how it is taking request for fanart when one has never read/watch the series. i know i hate it. i need to get a feel for a character because i drew the fanart -___-;; <---i'm a failure this way...orz....

Anyways, in this entry, you don't have to suffer by looking at my craptistic art skills, instead you get to see all the awesome art gifts i've received. So feast your eyes on the wonderful art!! (no...this is not a lazy attempt at updating my journal without me drawing anything >.> )

Birthday Gifts:

Sexy Gin-chan by Berry
This is seriously a very delicious Gin-san she drew for me *A* Makes my mind wander.....*nosebleed*

Gin-san X Zura X Gin-chan?
i took a photo of two gifts together. The pencil on canvas is drawn by Vanilla Rain. I have the canvas wrapped in saran wrap in my room XD
The plushie was made by my good friend, Lachrymosity. This year Lachry-san made me the Medicine Seller from Mononoke. (i really recommend watching that anime for the visuals and stories)

Cookie Rocket (Ely) By Nimmo Don't really know what this one is for, but i love it!! :D

Art Trades:

(NSFW) SilverSoul: GinToshi by Mashi-Tsushiro
What i drew in return was ToshiPachi: Mashi
I still think that Hijikata X Shinpachi is a weird pairing...O___o But i was mystified the first time she mentioned that pairing, but i was even more mystified when i saw a doujin of this pairing at Mandarake. I just stood there staring at that doujin with my mouth half-opened for a while.

Silver Soul Secret Santa Pic by Skart2005 lol, you probably could have guessed i requested a Ushi!Hiji and Tora!Gin ;P Sexy and cute rolled into one~~~ *hehehe*

For anyone that's wondering, i do do art trades and requests, but it really depends on my interests -___-;; Nonetheless, i welcome them! ^____^


No title 

OH MY GOSHHHH <333 So much Gintalove in one post, favorited a few of the works featured on here xD

Um, since you said you kinda do requests, I was wondering if I could possibly request something? :3 I was just watching the Itou arc last night and could you... (totally up to you, just making a suggestion and crossing my fingers ^^;;)

Maybe draw something Hiji x Itou? DX

Just an idea :3 I love all of your art~ Have a great day!

Re: No title 

> lol, sure i don't mind doing a request for you. Not at all, but i can't promise you it will come soon since school starting and all...orz....so it may be a while before the final finished thing, but i can show you a sketch of it ^___^

So how Hiji X Itou do you want it to be? (like how BL do you want it?) like a dramatic drawing? happy? love-dovey? what kind? XD
And what kind of outfit do you want them wearing? Shinsengumi uniform? you name it, and i'll draw it :D
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  • 2009.08/30 02:00分 
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Re: jACKEt様 

EEE, are you serious?! <33333333333333333333333333333333333

I would really love it if you could, and only if it's not too much trouble... >3< I don't mind waiting, since your art is so lovely, so really no hurry, take your time! :3

I really didn't have anything in mind when I commented earlier, but now that I think about it a little, I came up with a few things that seemed interesting to me~

- I like them in their Shinsengumi uniforms, hehe.
- I'm hoping Itou could shed a tear or two haha, he's just so cute when he cries ^^;;
- A dramatic drawing would be nice, I'm picturing Hijikata holding Itou tightly from behind or something...

These are just suggestions though, you can draw anything you like! :D

AH~ I just thought of another idea, lol. I also like Hijikata-han in his 2D otaku outfit, denim vest, headband and everything haha, so if you feel like drawing something silly, maybe Itou could be in like, schoolgirl cosplay trying to turn him on or something, LOL, just an idea xD (Let's just ignore the fact that his arm was cut off... aha... ahahaha... DX;;)

But yes, if you ever need any more ideas I can always come up with more, haha! Also, I just came across this clip compilation video on Nico Douga and I think it's the only video there that actually focuses on Hijikata+Itou during that arc, and the music is good, so take a look if you'd like :)


Thank you again for the interest, this will fuel my HijixItou obsession for quite some time, hehe~ (Again, lol xD)

Re: Re: jACKEt 

>whoa~~ i cannot accept your 様 honourific. Totally not worthy of it.

Too bad i don't have a NicoNico account, so i can't watch that video.

腐腐腐腐腐~~~!!! ^0^ <--my fujoshi laugh XD i really wanna draw Otaku!Hiji too, and i got something special planned for Itou there~~~ hehehe~~~ Thanks for the inspiration :D. But that sketch you may have to wait for it.

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