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Doujin Shopping at Otome Road

For all the photos i took today, please see my Picasa Albums


So today i left Nagoya for Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train). It's so difficult dragging around heavy luggage from the hotel to streets to station, especially when you're in Tokyo. But thank goodness i didn't arrived during rush hours. However, by the time i got to the streets of Shinjuku, it started raining. Sucks having to drag heavy luggage in the rain while you're lost looking for your hotel...orz......

If you noticed, i am staying in Shinjuku, at Best Western, in the Kabuki-cho district. Reminds me of Gintama hehe.... Again, there's tons of host/hostess clubs all around my hotel; so you can see many of them walking the streets in the evening and night.


So after i got all settled at my hotel, i went to Ikebukuro, home of Otome Road, and fujoshi paradise~~~~ It's got the biggest Animate in the world! Nine floors high, brimming with anime goodies!!! This year, i noticed they added cosplay stuff, like costumes, wigs, and accessories. Also newly added, is more non-anime merchandise, like those cellphone straps that look like passtieries. Bought lots of stuff, but still got more to buy when i come back in August, because that's when the Gintama Fair starts in all Animates across Japan, and also new Gintama merchandise is coming out then too. I didn't actually buy any figurines yet, cuz i'm saving to buy that at Nakano Broadway. You can get cheaper second hand anime stuff, and slightly older stuff that's sold out elsewhere, like those many Hetalia figures. Also, going to buy more Gintama stuff at the next Jump Shop i visit. i have my eyes on many things ^0^


Here's a very small sample of some of the doujins i bought today, and when i mean very small sample, i really mean very small. I plan to go back and buy some Sengoku BASARA, Kuroshitsuji, Saint Young Men, Hetalia, and Gintama doujins. Definitely BASARA, since i haven't got any yet, because i couldn't carry more; my arms were filled Gintama and Hetalia ^^;;

Also an interesting note, i bought a Italy X Germany doujin, i have never seen this before O___o it's always Italy as the uke, and not vice versa.



I only saw this now lol xD I haven't been to Otome Road yet TOT one day. I swear. one day. I'll be there!
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