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Again posting a few photos that highlight my day today. The rest can be found at my Picasa account


Today i took a tour of the Toyota Kaikan. Basically, a factory tour where they made Prius, Camry, and Premio. The tour took place inside the Tsutsumi Plant. There's also a museum at the main building, and where the tour started.

This is the oldest looking bus stop i have ever seen. Notice the working rotary phone in the corner. I have never seen a working one before that was not part of some exhibit.

Here's the english website for Toyota Kaikan. You have to make a reservation online if you want to take a tour to the factory. It's a very interesting place to visit, especially if you are into cars. I also really recommend taking a taxis to Toyota Kaikan once you reach Toyota-shi (Toyota City), since there are no signs anywhere to indicate your destination. It is especially bad if you don't know any Japanese, kanji or kana. So i definitely recommend directly taking a taxis there; even though it costs more, but at least you will get their easily with no trouble.


Here's a robot that plays the trumpet. You've probably seen this many times on TV before.
Too bad they don't allow any photography at the actual working factory. That was interesting because it had robots welding cars. When you see them at work, you just can't help thinking what would happen if the robots started a rebellion, or it can remind you of Wall E. The rest are just people assembling and testing the cars before they're shipped off to be sold.

After going to Toyota shi, i went to Kanayama because there's a Jusco there. Only went there because my mom wanted to, and i wanted to buy quality cheap socks XDDD i tend to buy Converse socks. Had a tomato cheese omurice at the Aeon Mall food court at around 4:30 pm. Bought some Mister Donut donuts there too, since they were having a summer festival sale.

In the end this is what i had for dinner.


THE DAMN BESTASS DONUTS IN THE WORLD!!!!!! can't compare to Krispy Kreme or anything i had ever had in my life.

Reason why i love them so much, and especially this kind is because 1) it's matcha (green tea) flavour, covered in matcha frosting, and the dough part is filled with matcha flavour too. 2) The most important reason to me, it the texture of the dough. It's like those mochi bread, kind of slightly chewy, like it's made with mochi powder or glutinous rice. I'm a glutton for gluten -___-;;


Love the main mascot of Mister Donut, Pon de Lion.


Another one of the many donut-animal hybrid mascots of Mister Donut.

Preview: Tomorrow i'm leaving Nagoya by Shinkansen (bullet train) for Tokyo.



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