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Nagoya Castle Conquered!

I'm gonna post my favourite photos i took today.


Taken at the subway station closest to Nagoya Castle. If you notice, there's a sumo wrestler getting out of the station; in yukata and hair in topknot. Beside Nagoya Castle is a sumo stadium. Recently, there is a sumo competition going on. Saw lots of sum wrestlers when in the area. On the trains/subways, walking around the street, just getting to their destination. The most interesting sight was seeing about six sumo wrestlers getting out of a typical Japanese Toyota van. Those vans are smaller than their North American counterparts. Also noticed that every time one of them walked by, there's a scent of baby powder. Hence, i conclude that sumo wrestlers smell like baby powder XD

Nagoya Castle

Outside of Nagoya Castle. Notice the golden shachi ("gold dolphins") on the rooftop; Nagoya's visual representive. To bad they didn't allow photography inside the castle. Inside, was just like a modern museum with exhibits showing life in Nagoya during the Edo period.

Truth be told, the museum like setting isn't my favourite. i mean, i love museums in general, but they renovated the inside of the castle like a museum; with A/C, glass cases and such. Compared with Himeji Castle, near Nara, around the Kansai area, it is very different. Out of Osaka, Himeji, and Nagoya Castle, i like Himeji Castle the best, because of its setting. Himeji has a very traditional inside. You have to take off your shoes when you go in, in both Osaka and Nagoya you don't. Himeji was just like how it was originally, complete with the traditional narrow ladder-like stairs, and no air conditioning. Bottom line, even though Himeji is the smallest castle, and a bit farther from the big cities, it is definitely worth the visit.


This is the Jump Shop in Nagoya; located in the Sakae area in the mall, Oasis 21. I've been to almost all the Jump Shops in Japan except for the one in Yokohama (which i might go this year), and the one in Fukuoka (i think that's where the other one is......-___-;;; too lazy to look it up now). As a Gintama fan, i recommend going to the one in Osaka because it's got the giant Sadaharu, complete with a shoji panel setting, and on ground level, so you can stick your head in Sadaharu's mouth. The one in Nagoya, it's high up so you can only look. Back in the summer of 2005, the Jump Shop in Nagoya had a deck of the Merry-Go (the ship) from One Piece. That's where they place the bookshelves. It was neat. Speaking of One Piece, the coolest thing i have seen before was an actual working Merry-Go sailing around Odaiba. There were life-sized figures of the crew on the deck. Best part was that you can buy a ticket and ride on it :D

The only reason i went to Jump Shop today was so i can make a mental list of all the things i want when i get to Tokyo. I don't want to buy things now and carry it around with me to Hong Kong.


I absolutely love how this building looks. Located in the Osu Kannon area.


Look!! You can try to get a Harry Potter cloak from a UFO Catcher. Located in the shopping arcade in the Osu Kannon area. I've learnt my lesson of never playing them when i first visited Japan when i was four years old. Never could get anything...orz.....

If you're ever in Nagoya, and need to look for anime merchandises, cards, dvds, cds, etc... go to the shopping arcade in Osu Kannon. Also, i should mention Sapporo, doesn't seem to have a concentrate of an area that sells anime things. But the closest i would have to say is the near the Odori area; located very close the to TV Tower. There's an Animate and Toranoana. There's a Mandarake inside the Cosmo plaza located in the Tanukichoji Shopping Arcade. Mandarake is on the 6th floor, or maybe it was the 5th, can't exactly remember...orz.....


A giant Maneki Neko ("Beckoning Cat") in the Osu Kannon Shopping Arcade.


Also in the Osu Kannon Shopping Arcade, a homemade Ultraman!! :D It was made of tinfoil and cardboard, placed in front of a older women's clothing boutique. It looked out of place XD

For all the photos i took today please see my Picasa account

Preview: On the next entry, of jACKEt's 2009 Summer Adventures, I will be going to the Toyota Factory. Please look forward to it~~<3



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