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Vacation Time~~~


Gin-san and Hijikata from Gintama.

i was going to draw an oekaki of Yamazaki dressed as a Moulin Rouge escapee today, but, alas, i didn't have the time -___-;;; So instead i give you a quick drawing i drew from last Halloween. For anyone that's curious the background is a photo of the Sapporo Beer Museum <---where i had a glass of beer at 10 in the morning XD

On to my main point now. i'm going to Japan and Hong Kong for three weeks. So definitely no new drawings or oekaki from me. But i will post photos instead. Probably a few daily, and the rest will be uploaded at my Picasa account

You may have, probably not, notice a new Twitter widget i placed at the bottom of this blog. (please take your time and scroll down to see for yourself) You can follow me on Twitter too.

i finally got Twitter to work on my DS!!! that took me a while today, and hence, ruined my plan of drawing a smexy Yamazaki. So hopefully i can update Twitter a bit more often than this daily blog here ^___^



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