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Roma quod Germania


Rome and Germania from Hetalia.

Originally, i was gonna draw Rome and Germania dress in their official outfits; Rome as a gladiator and Germania as warrior/hunter. Then i remember the fact that Romans admired blond hair. Some of the Romans' slaves had blond hair. Germania has blond hair. Roman women would dye their hair blond or make wigs from slaves' hair. Hence, Gemania was either gonna be dressed as a slave or a women; I chose the latter XD The slaves' clothing lacked the cloth that i wanted to try drawing.

Apparently, Roman women's clothing wasn't that different from men's. So, technically, Germania is crossdressing here. Rome is just dressed as a typical citizen.



You pictures always have this background :) very interesting

I didn't know Rome had the curl in his hair too! *A*
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  • 2009.07/14 07:36分 
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you mean the boring lazy background?

Yeah, Rome has both North and South's curl, but the positions aren't very determined. i mean, i was looking at references when i drew this, i used both the trading cards and the strip where Rome meets Germany. In both, his curls are in slightly different places O__o
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  • 2009.07/15 01:31分 
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Hi, my name is Yuzuki and I'm new to FC2... >3< Anyway, I just wanted to say I like your drawing a lot! I wish I could draw TAT (I can't at all, haha~) Anyway, love your picture, hope you have a good day! :3


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