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Pet Shop Cat


Inspired by a young cat i saw in a hammock at a pet shop.

Due to me watching KuroShitsuji, and how Sebastian loves cat's paws, i had to go touch a cat's paws to see the appeal of it for myself. Now i totally get it. The pads on the paws are soooo squishy~~~~<3 <3 When i poked the pad, the young cat tried to claw my finger. Good thing it had its nails trimmed. But even if it didn't, and i got scratched, drawing blood, it would be so worth it~~~~



jacket you're sooo cute aww >///< taking risks for kuroshitsuji ahaha

and the picture is nosebleed worthy <3
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  • 2009.07/08 03:30分 
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i don't think that's cute, but more like stupidity -__-;; Anime is a bad influence on me.

there's one thing i will never do again after i saw Hijikata do in in Gintama. There was an episode where Hijikata had wooden disposable chopstick, held one of the chopstick in his teeth and pulled on the other to make them snap apart before downing his Hijikata Special.

I thought that looked cool and tried in. It ended up hurting my teeth and you need strength to snap it. He made it look so effortlessly >3<

i swear i am never doing that again....orz....
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  • 2009.07/15 01:28分 
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