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Public Holidays Are For Protesting

Hong Kong from Hetalia.

I have noticed for the past years in Hong Kong, every time there was a national holiday, people will be on the streets marching to protest against their dissatisfaction(s) with the government. People will bring their whole family along. So, of course, for the 12th year that HK return to China, people took to the streets again. I kind of find it funny that that's what people do when they have time off. I wrote this on my Facebook status, 公眾假期 = 上街示威, meaning Public Holidays = Going to the Streets Protesting. XD
I can only see many more protests towards the government in HK's future.

On a less political side of things, yesterday was Canada Day. Many Canada Day celebrations that were going to be held in Toronto was cancelled due to the workers' strike. There was no parade and city-held celebrations. But the most visible thing is the amount of garbage all over the streets of Toronto. Nineteen parks so far has been turned into temporary garbage dumps, and the bags of garbage pile up to the basketball nets.
Due to these circumstances, the Hetalia Canada Day meet was moved from downtown Toronto to downtown Mississauga, the suburb of Toronto, where i live. I found out today when i was on the Hetalia LiveJounral community, and people posted photos of the get-together. It looked like fun~~~

Also, last night i was watching fireworks from my window. That was cool :D



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