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Recently, like the scores of fangirls, i have been watching Sengoku BASARA. If you ever watched the anime or played the game, you know who Date Masamune is, and how sexy he is ^0^.

This Sunday afternoon i was at The Bay in Square One, at the causal/young men's clothing department. There was a sales there that wore an eye patch. I was just beginning to process how Masamune also wore an eye patch. When my mom suddenly appears beside me and says "one-eyed dragon".

If that sales had an eye patch over his right eye instead of his left, and slightly longer hair that wasn't gelled up he would have resembled Date Masamune.

I noticed because of Sengoku BASARA, i find eye patches to be smexy now. I also noticed that the sales guy wasn't really that hot; sure he was tall and lanky and not that bad looking, ok, more on the above average side. But the eye patch just upped his hotness level XD

Notice how i gave the exact location of where the guy worked. Because if you're in the area you can stalk see him for yourself XD



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