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Ce n'est pas une entrée de journal.

Just having fun and paying tribute to René Magritte. and going all a bit philosophical.

i will admit, Rene Descartes' "I Think, Therefore I am." scared me when i first encounter it when i was about 11 while watching Histeria! (love that cartoon, and introduced me to history) I over-thought about it, and just had to stop O___o yeah, i'm weird.



si c'est ne pas un oekaki, qu'est-ce que c'est?
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  • 2009.06/30 17:04分 
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il est ce que vous voulez qu'il soit ;P

(i hope that's correct, had to use google translator, because my French sucks orz...)
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  • 2009.06/30 17:13分 
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