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Pencil Sketch of Canada from Hetalia.

He's dressed as a Mountie, just because i wanted to draw some sort of uniform, preferrably military, even though a Mountie uniform isn't a military uniform ^__^;; I think all girls have some kind of military uniform moe/fetish :D..

As you may have noticed, i haven't been drawing oekaki lately, because now i have the time to draw things in photoshop. Even though this blog is called an 'oekaki blog', i just want to keep this blog alive with entries.

This is the reason why i hardly show anyone my pencil sketches. i mean look at it; it's so messy, filled with smudges and crap. i can never just draw one simple line; i tend to go over it back and forth like a mad man...orz..... i just can't draw clean sketches and envious of the many people that can >3<.

This is gonna be for Canada Day (July 1st). I know i am early, but i rather have it done early than late ^^;;.



hetalia is like.. militaryogleparadise for us : D

ahh so cool!! only the polar bear can see the invisible canada /iloveitplz

nowai! I will show you one of my sketches one day and you won't be able to see the lines because of the smudges-smudged the whole piece of paper black ;A; (artblocked sketch)
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  • 2009.06/09 09:49分 
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i never thought that only the polar bear could see Canada...Kumajiro must have some special powers like how England can see magical creatures XD

only your artblocked sketch is filled with smudges right? Even when i don't have artblock my sketches are just plain dirty -___-;;
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