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Anime North 2009 Photos~


Hong Kong from Hetalia (WIP)

Did the lineart for it a few weeks back. Lots of things going on, so i'm finally getting back to finishing this drawing on photoshop. A reason i think i didn't work on it was because this is the crappiest lineart i have ever done. Even in this preview, i see a mistake that i need to fix -__-;;

so what have i been doing, you may ask. I went to Anime North; the biggest fan-run anime convention in Canada. I read somewhere that it also has the highest percentage of cosplayers in a con in North America. I think that's true since if you're not in cosplay at AN, you feel like the odd one out :D btw, i went as Zura from Gintama, and i made my friend K-san wear my Ely cosplay ^^;;

Here are photos from the Gintama Photoshoot, and some of indivdual Gintama cosplayers. i'm missing a few since my camera died out during the Hetalia photoshoot and i borrowed S-san's.
During the photoshoot, we couldn't think of any good poses, so we dragged in nearby Naruto and Bleach cosplayers to pose with us XDDD (too bad i don't have those photos orz....) During the photo with the Ichigo cosplayer, all the Gintama cosplayers were screaming like we were powering up; everyone around us turned their heads to see what the hell was going on XD

Hetalia Photoshoot was so awesome~! It was like a show for yaoi fangirls hahaha~~ It literally became a show, Prussia acted as MC, deciding which group/pair photo, and taking the audience's request. i requested Japan and Greece :D ,and it happened! The first three rows of people in the audience ended up sitting down (ok...i was the one yelling at them to get down in the front ^__^;;), so people in the back standing can see.

Various Cosplayers Missing a whole bunch of photos since i used my friend's camera and she hasn't uploaded them anywhere yet.

Maybe TBC with my report of AN09 cuz i'm gonna go watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart now. Then the Colbert Report, and tonight's the first night of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Yessshhhh....i watch American late night talk shows when i have the time, and yes this includes Jay Leno, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, but not Carson Daly.



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