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Aiyah! XD

Chibi Nihon-chan from Hetalia.

Episode 16 of Hetalia had an expected story of China and Japan. Expected because i thought they would finally show America's Shed Cleaning, but still not yet. Also unexpected for me was how cute Japan was when he was little >.<

But my first reaction to this episode was "China! What's with the monkey outfit?!" in Cantonese. In other words, "What's with the clown costume?!", and in other other words. "That's some fugly colour combination you are wearing!"
I mean, forest green top, light yellow pants, and red shoes OAO;;;;; I wonder if China's colour blind..... or the animators just felt like making him look ridiculous -__-;;

My second reaction was that of slight cringing and awkwardness. You know the kind of cringing uncomfortableness when you are watching the characters from The Office or Extras interact. Ricky Gervais, you are the king of making me cringe XD I got this feeling only because i know how this played out in history.



LOL ep 16 is definitely one of my favourites!
japans rejection of chinas kindness ahahaa XD

but this picture of little nihon you drew 最高! >///<

i dont understand america's shed cleaning D:
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  • 2009.05/26 08:02分 
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i know~! Guess China can never be the big brotherly type XD

最高 is too much of a compliment....can't accept it ^__^;;;

Since ep 17 and 18 is out, but is America's Shed Cleaning over? it feels like a cliffhanger, but kind of not at the same time O___o
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