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Named After Chinese Broccoli?

KaiLan from Ni Hao, KaiLan.

First time i ever saw KaiLan was at Wal Mart. They had a KaiLan DVD that came with a cute white monkey named HoHo. After that, i asked my friends if they had seen this show before. My friend, S-san said is was on TV, and her younger sister thought that they animal characters in the show all had anger management issues XD. Of course hearing that i had to watch it for myself :D

S-san's sister was right, Rintoo the Tiger in that show really did have anger management issues XD. Every episodes he goes crazy with anger. He even threw a boat up to the roof in one episode O__O.

Just this weekend i saw KaiLan merchandise at Zellers and Wal Mart. On one of the KaiLan shirts, apparently, KaiLan's kanji is 凱蘭. She uses the same first kanji as my Chinese name. But KaiLan sounds like Chinese broccoli, gai lan, in Cantonese, so i will forever remain calling her Chinese broccoli (芥蘭). My friend, R-san calls KaiLan the Dora clone, while i say KaiLan is Dora's Chinese cousin.



soon there will be a dora in every nationality :)

wow.. i cant even pronounce> 芥

i just call it 花菜 for broccoli and cauliflower XDD
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  • 2009.05/12 06:12分 
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Have you seen this show? it's just like how Dora teaches kids Spanish, but she teaches them Mandarin instead.

all i know is 芥 is pronounced gai in Cantonese ^^;.
For me, i call cauliflower 椰菜花, and broccoli 西蘭花.
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  • 2009.05/12 14:02分 
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