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'MOM' Upside Down is 'WOW'.

Kakashi-sensei from Naruto.

So yesterday was Mother's Day. What does Mother's Day have anything to do thing Kakashi you may ask? Well, it's because my mom's a Kakashi fangirl, even though she has never read or watch Naruto in her life. It's all because of this cosplayer:


I took this photo in Asakusa (Tokyo) in the summer of 2007. I found out my mom was a bit of a Kakashi fangirl only last summer. She was afar, and thought this cosplayer was a really good and cool looking guy XD. Last summer, whenever i was buying Gintama capsule toys and figurines in Japan and Hong Kong, she would be buying the Naruto ones O__O. I couldn't believe that she was about to buy a large ~6300 yen Kakashi figure OAO in Nakano, but i stopped her. But i did egg her one in buying Naruto capsule toys -___-;; Instead i just got her a smaller 500 yen one ^^;; but it is very cool looking, and she referred it as her 'pretty boy' once *A*;;; Now she has a mini Naruto corner beside her laptop area.



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