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Turkey from Hetalia.

Why Turkey you may ask? Because 1) he's not that popular in the fandom, 2) I saw a photo of a hot Turkey cosplayer at Sakura-con '09 on the Hetalia livejournal community. Even though the upper half his face was covered with a mask, i know he looks hot XD, and 3) due to this video:

I actually quite like all of this user's videos because he picks good music and art. Too often when people are making videos then tend to pick slow, boring and uncatchy music. No offense, but please no Nickelback-type like music ;___;

Every time i see Turkey with the mask on, i think 'Gundam'. XD
And it's sad the only thing i know about Turkey is their kebab, ice cream, Turkish delights, and the Ottoman Empire orz.....



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