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Tanz in den Mai!

Germania and Roma-jiji from Hetalia dressed as May Queens orz.....

I was bored, and just felt like drawing oekaki here since i haven't drawn any in a while. I thought i might be really bad at it since i haven't used this is a while, but i seem to be okay.... For a while i have wanted to try my hand at Germanina. Mainly because he has long flowing blonde locks XDDD Rome was added as an afterthought ^^;

Today was May Day. Even though i started this oekaki exactly at midnight -__-;; kinda late. I don't know much about May Day at all, so i had to wiki it up.
lol, i think this is the third German title for my blog entries here ^^;.

Next holiday i shall be drawing for? Probably Cinco de Mayo.



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