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PiGLiU is an idea my friend had during grade 9 religion class with like 3 other people. Basically, it revolves around what these four "half-animals"do, and their little "adventures". She came up with the concept and asked me if i would draw it for her. So the first PiGLiU i drew started in 2001. All of the PiGLiU comics can be found at The Adventures of PiGLiU or at DeviantArt

Since the 2001 prototype strip, and an incomplete one where i introduced the character Koat (i think i lost that strip). i haven't drawn any PiGLiU. Koat isn't one of the original three where Raquel and her friends created them. Koat was born when Raquel discussed with me what she wanted for the second strip back in 2002.

Then i didn't touch PiGLiU until February 2008, when on MSN Raquel brought up the topic of it. So that's when i decided to make PiGLiU into a regular strip. But i got so busy with schoolwork, and mainly out of my own selfishness to draw my own things that i didn't do a new strip until today. I had to do this one now, or else it just wouldn't be as relevant later (*coughSwineFlucough*). It's not like i ever forgot about PiGLiU; i even jot down ideas for the strip all the time, but i just never get around to drawing it -____-;;;



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