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Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro.

For the majority of last week, i was working on a powerpoint presentation on satoyama (里山) preservation in Japan. The most successful group in Japan so far is the Totoro Forest National Fund. There's also an American non-profit organization that is working with them, the Totoro Forest Project. <---there's really cool art contributed by many artists for this fund.




Jack , jack! me birthday comming. Can you draw something for me please. Anything that comes to your mind. It's the thought that counts. Ok ok? Hee hee hee!v-391


When's your b-day? you gotta tell me what you want, or else i won't know ^__^;;


15 march wenesday. Am gonna copy and past it in my blog and link that to you page. I wanna show off your work in my blog!!!


i love it!
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what?! it already past?? you should have told me sooner!! And you still haven't told me what you want yet.....

And it would be an honour if you showcased my blog v-411


thank you~! it wasn't anything much....^__^;;


23rd march. a picture of you then if now a picturePeacemaker kurogane's Okita Souji or, or Susum. Can? Please? Also i will copy paste your picture and put it in my for all the poeple and friends there to show off. HA! If they wanna see more of your work they will have to go to your blog. HAHA again!!!


ohh so is totoro a real animal? ive always believed it was a fantasy creature *v*

checked out the site, it's great that people are contributing to help :)
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sadly, it is a fantasy creature, a forest spirit to be exact ;___;


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