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Yes, My Lady.

Sebastian from KuroShitsuji for Chanelle-san since she requested it ^__^. i hope i drew him yummy enough for you ^___^;;

I never thought people would ask for requests on this blog. So i guess request is officially now open.



Nice drawing of Sebastian, he looks great. e-267
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  • 2009.03/16 03:37分 
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ooooooooooH! His eyes.... He is looking at me! His mouth.... He's saying I LOVE U! Can i kiss him? Or , or can i own him huh huh? Aww, thanks Jack! I love it!!! OMG!!!! I freaking love it!!!! v-238v-238v-238


LOL i am so happy you like it!! i was worried he looked a little wonky... -__-;; especially his eyes.

you can do whatever you want with him :D He's your's. Great imagination by the way XD


I don't like it... I LOVE IT!!!!!! You did a Great Job!!! Thanks for the compliment. I kissesd the screen many times.... e-443


evil! have you watched the latest ep?
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  • 2009.03/19 14:00分 
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Is it Ep 23? I have seen that. it's getting kind of exciting >.<. Does the anime even follow the manga at all?


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