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I was having a convo with Baka-Usagi on DA (convo) And i was inspired by her comment of Russia in a bunny girl suit kolkolkol-ing.

i thought her imagery of Russia was so random XDDD

so yeah....here's Russia from Hetalia.



v-405 !!!




Hey hey, can u draw something on Sebestian from Kuroshitsuji please.... I would love to see your version of him.


sure~~ :D anything particular about Sebas-chan you want?

btw, i'll probably draw it in a few days cuz i'm busy right now ^^;;


I want him to look YUMMY! And sure i'll wait. Good things goes to those who wait. HA!


hmmm...yummy.... OK!! :D


haha, i was looking at your blog at work and this picture came up. I laughed out loud scaring a few other people in the room!
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glad you found it funny XD i found it to be kind of creepy.

btw, i can't gurantee my blog is safe for work ^__^;;


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