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Yes; Five Episodes Is Considered A Long Arc.

The reason i haven't drawn here for a few days is because i had no internet access. This is the third time the outside wire was messed up and my desktop couldn't pick up signals. Had to call someone in to fix that. So once again, there's a temporary wire hanging outside of my tree and my neighbour's tree too -____-;;;

I watched the whole Shinsengumi Rebellion/Itou Arc of Gintama all in one go Thursday. For any other animes this would have sounded like a lot of episodes, but for Gintama this was only five episodes. In Gintama standard, this arc was long, and kickass awesome :D lol, one long and serious arc per year for Gintama anime; Benizakura, Shinsengumi Rebellion, Yoshiwara <---all so gooooddddd~~~~~

Shiroyasha (aka Gin-san) from Gintama.



This Gin resembles Ichigo's hollow and alittle like Urahara. Haha!


hahaha~~~ i think Urahara is hot :D


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