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Fan Art Is Meditation


I drew this on Friday using the fc2 oekaki, but as you may know, they had problems that day. This is actually my second time drawing the same thing, because when i was drawing it the first time, my oekaki window had some problem and suddenly closed. And i was almost finish my drawing too TT___TT But oddly i did not feel any anger. i was calm and just redrew it but with better composition :D i redrew it, but this time i couldn't save it, due to those server problems, so i had to printscreen it. I am still surprised that i wasn't freaking out and panicking when those errors occured O___O

I think this is due to me drawing Buddha. I know in some schools of Buddhism (i can't specificly remember which ones...orz....) drawing/tracing images of Buddha is a form of meditation.

Remember those "Jesus is My Homeboy" t-shirts that were so popular like five years ago. i know "Buddha is My Homeboy" t-shirts also exists. I'm guessing Mary sent this t-shirt to Buddha XD (Saint Oniisan reference ;P )



this oekaki is made of pure lotus win. :D

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Wow! Hippy Buddah. Nice!


thanks, but i'm not even sure i drew the lotus right ^__^;;


Thank you~~ Buddha is so due for a makeover anyways XD


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