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Dude Looks Like A Lady

Lockon from Gundam 00. Lyle to be more exact since he does have shorter hair than Neil, and Lyle's more of a playboy and has better fashion sense. But i still like Neil more :D

Lockon looked so extremely pretty in episode S2 20 when he was with Anew in that quantum wave ring thingy *A* he does have womanly hips......
Anew dying should have probably been more touching if I actually cared. The story didn't give her too much time or a personality for that matter, so with her dying, it didn't even stir any sort of emotion from me.

when i was drawing this, i drew his hair slightly too long, but it looked ok and i was too lazy to fix it. This hair reminds me of Saint Seiya hair XD



Ooooooo....... he looks yum yum. * licking lips *


lol thanks!

i think my drawing makes him look off....orz....


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