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This is suppose to one of the many forms of Kamed Rider Kuuga. Why Kuuga you ask? Cuz i actually watched a handful of episodes of this on Hong Kong television when i went back to visit one summer. It showed every morning on ATV and i got hooked into it because of the plot.

Currently in the US, there's an Americanized version of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (aka Ryuki in Japanese) playing on the CW. So for the past two months i watched it just to see how it is. the plot is starting to get intriguing at episode 8 ^___^;;;. i really wished they just showed the original Japanese series and not have to remake for the US (back in the olden days there were no reemakes). They tried it once for Ultraman Taiga, but i guess that wasn't too popular since they didn't even air the whole series..

I'm not one to follow the sentai shows, like how i follow anime. i'll watch it if it's on TV, but that's it. i don't d/l them or watch them online. But i used to love Power Rangers when i was like 4 to 8 years old.

Now if you will excuse me, "HENSHIN!!!"



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