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GINTAMA BANZAIIIiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!

In the beginning of this week's episode 145 of Gintama, it was announced there will be a 4TH year of Gintama!!! YATTAAAAAaaaaa!!!!

When i first heard rumours that Gintama was gonna end at ep 150, I absolutely refused to believe that. But as time went on i really started to believe it was gonna end....TT ^ TT
However, there was a clue that i thought was against this case. It was the fact that Sunrise started broadcasting subbed English Gintama episodes on Crunchyroll this past January. I thought there was no way Sunrise would do this for a series that was gonna end soon.

Sunrise, and Sorachi-sensei, really know how to get the fujoshi's blood pumping >3<

btw, i think this is the first time i have drawn HijiGin O___o But i just can't resist recreating the "official" DVD cover from the anime >//<



im glad i made it to your blog on time! HIJIGIN SMEX /major nosebleed
im only up to 144 ;A;



DIE FMA (i love you, but gintama is so much better)

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...when is it on tho??

of course, who wouldnt love a bl hijigin gintama dvd cover limited edition i-234

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SEXY!!! Love it!!!


make it on time? it's not like HijiGin smex will depart. you won't miss anything ^^;

when did Gintama and FMA started competing with each other? FMA is still coming out soon.

i cannot stop staring at the DVD cover in ep 145 *nosebleed* *A*


thanks!! glad you like =^___^=


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