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Some Turtles Can Breath Through Their Anuses....

i just watched 30 Rock, and Liz was fantasizing being on a Carribbean island, where good looking Filapinos served her drinks and turtle brought sandwiches.

After seeing that i want a sandwich turtle now! They have a small table placed on top of their shells and they just crawl around with a plate of sandwich on top of their little tables. That is just so cool and cute. Shouldn't all animals be able to contribute to society by working? XD

In one of my bio lab rooms where i have a bio tutorial there are three aquariums with four semi-aquatic turtles. They are all pretty big, like around 20-40cm in length. I bet they are even older than me. The turtles can be distracting when your TA is talking because it's just more fun to watch the turtles than the TA. The turtles even interrupted the TA when one of them was clawing its way back up to the platform, and was pushing the pebbles against the glass. Everyone was watching them and smiling at its struggle XD The turtles tend to look up at the people that are passing by. They crane their necks until the person is gone. They also look at you when you get close to their tanks. It's funny how people will go up to the turtles and do baby talk with them, saying "You guys are so big~! Oh yes you are! <3"

i heard from one of my bio prof last semester that some species of turtles can breath through their anuses so that they don't have to expose their heads out of the waters. i googled that up, and yeahi found something on it....



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