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Nihon Da.

Here's Japan from Hetalia.

You know~ when i was reading the Hetalia manga, i never really found Japan really interesting. But when Japan makes his real appearance in episode 4 of the anime, things changed. His voice actor breath life into him, and gave him a deep, polite, calm, bishie demeanor. I don't know why, but i expected Japan's voice to be slightly higher-pitched, and less..well...sexy. The background music and the falling sakura for Japan's appearance greatly added to the appeal. I think without the music and the scenery, i wouldn't like Japan as much.



i felt like that too, though i still lol about japan-kun agreeing whatever america-san says.
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  • 2009.02/23 05:02分 
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I think Jaoan-kun agreeing with America-san is going to happen even more in the future XD


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