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Some Say Tomato Is An Aphrodisiac

Based off from one of the Spain and Chibi Northern Italy strips in Hetalia.
If Chibi Northern Italy was a tomato, this is what he would look like XD

It's funny how some people's faces do look like a tomato when they get mad. A math teacher of mine in high school was exactly like that. Her cheeks would puff up and her lips pressed into a thin line. It looked like her whole head would explode XD And then we would all get gooey tomato paste goodness



who's gonna be cherry tomato?
  • posted by berineko 
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  • 2009.02/23 05:03分 
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i never thought about that XD Who do you think should be?

btw, is there an innuendo in that comment, or is it just me? O__O


saaaaaaa~~~ *whistles*
  • posted by berineko 
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  • 2009.03/02 02:51分 
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