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Oh Am Gee

Saint Young Men (Saint Oniisan, 聖☆おにいさん) is what made me draw this XD.

In the manga, the mangaka points out that Johnny Depp does look like Jesus (or vice versa?) So guess who i modelled my Jesus after ^__~

i wish more of this manga is scanlated~~~

btw, when i was in high school, there was this girl whose surname was "Jesus". And if you had caller ID on your phone, you could get "Jesus" calling you XD



LOLOLOL does that girl go to church? XD

havent heard of this manga... wow the storylines these days are extreme XD

thanks for your facebook! my initials are K.Z. : D hope i found the right one, there are so many in the world @___@
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haha~~ I'm pretty sure Buddha and Jesus has a sense of humour XD they wouldn't mind~

i accepted!! Glad you found me, since there's tons of people with the same name as me in the world orz.....


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