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Buttons Are All The Rage Now

I saw Coraline in 3D on Saturday. Yes, the ones where you actually have to wear the glasses, and suffer a slight headache right after the movie ends. But it is worth it. The movie was visually stunning; even without 3D They didn't sugarcoat it for kids either.

So this is my drawing of the black cat in the movie. I chose to simplify th cat because no matter how i drew it, it turned really ugly...orz..... i tried, and tried, and this was the only one that looked okay... again orz.....

Random observation: The last movie i saw in theatres was "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and now i saw "Coraline". Both having something to do with buttons.



maybe the next thing would be "unbutton".

wait, did i say unbutton?
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  • 2009.02/23 04:47分 
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yes, you did say "unbutton". Something wrong?


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