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Angesichts eines für das Team

i used google translator, so this is probably wrong -___-;; But the title is supposed to mean "Taking one for the team" in German. "Teamarbeit" definitely means "teamwork" in German.

Yes, this is Germany from Hetalia. Been reading the "San Buon Valentine" strips, and just fell in love with Germany/Italy. If you read those strips, you'll understand my drawing here. I mean i already like them before, but i just fell more in love with them after reading that. Germany's such a tsundere~~~ p>///< q

Please ignore the inaccuracies of Germany's uniform m(__ __)m

A while back, i had such a moe for slicked back hair with a few strands dangling or out of place O____o i used to hate it.



i don't understand this entry, but anyway it'll look way cooler with this background:
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lol, it's my weird mind at work. Doitsu Doitsu here is freaking out about "teamwork" with Italia-kun XD

that background does look cooler. Mine's just a combo of the Italia and Deustchland flag.


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