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As you might see, i was in a Hetalia High when i drew this. i got excited finding out that there was a Hetalia World Fighting Championship, and i told Berry on MSN that, and we kinda fangirled over it for a while >3< But after reading the rules and such for it. there seems to be too much work involved with it -___-;;;; But if i had to claim a country i would probably pick Hong Kong first since i have some knowledge about the region or else it would be hard to come up with some good relevant jokes. I would also pick Canada-san too (a possibilty of Quebec-kun? XD). i just realized something right now! There needs to be a Macau!!!

Anyways, here's Greece-kun~! i don't know why, but i don't like using their human names that much. i find Greece to be so cute and hot all rolled up into one XD. i especially love those strips with Greece and Japan. They seem like such an adorable couple at the beginning of a relationship; the awkward stage <3 .



there's no ecuador... can't claim... :'(

i love the cats and greece-kun. it's going to be one of my goals to achieve a cafe gallery house by the nearby seashore :D
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Most canon countries have already been claimed by now >.< And Hetaila doesn't equally represent all the continents -__-

Berry-san, when you achieve your dream, i have to visit your cafe gallery!!!


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