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Shenlong, I wish for.....

i watched episode 100 of Gintama today. Chockful of JUMP and Japanese pop culture references. That reminds me, during ep 98 of the Owee arc, i think Rumbel got one of the references mistaken. "Yodobatsu Camera" is a parody of Yodobashi Camera, and not Bic Camera <--- just a random note.

When watching the 100th episode, you just can't escape from Dragonball Z XDDD In it they made a reference to how "Namcha" got left out and eventually gone. It's not the first time Gintama has mentioned the disappearnce of poor Yamcha.

My drawing is composed of all the things that Dragonball eventually did not have TT___TT

O___o i haven't drawn Dragonball fanart since i was 12. i remember drawing my first one around 3~~



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