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oh so very cold......TTATT......

Apparently it's a stereotype that Canadians talk about the weather constantly. But you know, you can't help it when you live in an environment where the weather dictates your life. Plans change because of snowstorms and bad weather all the time in Canada, well at least in Toronto anyways. People just can't help talking about their experience with it and how if affects their lives.

And why am i talking about this boring, convo-starter topic, you may ask? It's because it's gonna be like -16 C tommorrow and for the rest of the week. With the wind chill factor (oh this thing is so VERY important), it's going to feel like -30C TTATT I'm already wearing thick socks as i am typing this, but my toes are still cold.....

My mom showed be these cute photos of Arctic foxes from a magazine today. I've heard from one of my bio prof that Arctic foxes will use their tails to wrap around themselves to keep warm.

ahhh~~~~ how i wish i can use that tail to keep me toasty -0-



wahh you're from canada!!! i would love to visit one day~~

dawww arcticfox!gin~ very cute ^__^

yesss toraushi is love ahaha im more of a hijigin fan, but toraushi is just too cute, half converted me to ginhiji XDD

ohh so you drew that with fc2 oekaki? i didnt know this feature until you mentioned it lol XDD i usually draw on some forum then transfer it to fc2 OTL
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  • 2009.01/14 05:24分 
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lol, i didn't really mean to draw the fox like gin-san, but gin-san jsut reminds of an arctic fox~~~

i was kind of a hijigin fan a bit before, but gradually i started liking ginhiji, then comes the toraushi, and WHAM!! i was converted into a pure ginhiji fan~~ XDDD

you should try out the fc2 oekaki. Doesn't have the most functions, but i like the convenience.

i do live in toronto, but i'm originally from Hong Kong ^^.


I'm from around that area too!
I hate this year's winter...it's too cold!

Someone told me about today feeling like -30, but I didn't believe them, and ended up freezing outside DD:
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  • 2009.01/14 23:24分 
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