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I Drew Another Worthless Object

I like to occasionally watch a Lupin movie. Too bad i haven't seen the older ones (the classics)...i really should...orz.... So i just watched "Sweet Lost Night", the one with the magic lamp. It's mindless fun candy for me :D Also i love the instrumental opening theme song. I even hum it all the time ^___^;;

Out of the recent Lupin movies, i like "Green Vs. Red" the best. The concept is very interesting to me. Plus the animation is unique and good too.

I have noticed in the recent movies Goemon doesn't play much of a role ;___; He was more there for comic relief. In one fo the recent movies, the characters even state that XD But then again, Monkey Punch did say that Goemon was only added into the Lupin manga because he felt it needed a touch of Japanese.

oh yeah, hands down, Jigen will ALWAYS be the coolest :D



arent we all thinking impure thoughts LOL /happytimeplz

havent watched lupin ;A;
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so true XDDD
Impure thoughts are all i can think of constantly :D I'm not a saint or buddha, so i'm not even going to bother having pure thoughts ;P


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