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Bull(shit) Market!

Happy Year fo the Ox~! Wishing for a bull market.

Since i used Hetalia characters, and wanting a bull market, i should have drew ALL the characters since it is a global economy nowadays. Instead i just drew Canada-san and Hong Kong-kun here as salarymen :D How ironic that Kumajiro is in the corner.



ahahhaha sarariman!hetalia ROFL XDD
i havent read it, but i really like japan's design >///< he's a cutie i-233
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  • 2009.01/27 18:42分 
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i can't stop laughing about the bear at the corner.....
  • posted by berineko 
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  • 2009.01/28 03:25分 
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Japan's a quiet cutie~ i especially love the Greece and Japan interaction XD

i hope they look like salarymen. At first i wanted them to be sexy, but like most rimen, they turned out dorky -___-;;;


i almost forgot the bear until i was done. I mean, i remembered him when i was doing the sketch, but totally forgot until all the colouring and everything else was done ^__^;;


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