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tumblr by ~jHYtse on deviantART

My gijinka version of tumblr.

As a frequent user of the interwebz, one may have heard of the "war" between tumblr and 4chan last Sunday. Because of this "war", many people decided to humanized both 4chan and tumblr. tumblr-tan was mostly portrayed as a girl, but I decided to draw a guy version ^^; I tried making tumblr-kun as hipster as possible; I even googled to make sure tumblr-kun looked hipster enough XD

Of course soons, the pairing of 4chumblr (4chan and tumblr) was born. Like any good fujoshi, I had to yaoi it up XP

4chumblr Yaoi by ~jHYtse on deviantART

I have no idea what tumblr-kun and Anon is doing there orz.....

By the way, my own tumblr jACKEt's Fourth Dimension Pocket where I upload photos I take for fun. None of the photos have been doctored, touched up, or photoshop in any way.



Lol i LOVE that shirt! XD Also your style is very cute :3
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  • 2010.12/02 23:11分 
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Re: NoTitle 

> Lol i LOVE that shirt! XD Also your style is very cute :3

I wouldn't mind getting that shirt myself ^__^;; I also thought my art style is quite boring, but thank you nonetheless ^0^
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  • 2010.12/03 01:13分 
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