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Like Milk? by ~jHYtse on deviantART

Mint Berry Crunch from South Park.

For those of you that watch South Park and has been keeping up with the most recent episodes, you would know who Mint Berry Crunch is. He is the most awesome superhero ever XD What is his super power you ask? Mint Berry Crunch has the taste of mint and berries, yet with a satisfying crunch.

When I first started watching the three episode arc of "Coon and Friends". Unlike most people, my biggest question was not "Who is Mysterion?", but rather "Who is Mint Berry Crunch?" XD Good thing it was revealed at the second episode of that arc. My fascination with Mint Berry Crunch is because he is so cute and has a seriously awesome super power :D

Thinking about it, I have been watching South Park since I was about 12 years old. But I had never coloured any fan art of it. I am pretty sure I have done some sketches of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny before, but never coloured.

Anyways, this was just a quick coloured piece without much details. I am pretty certain the perspective of this is off.

I drew this after watching the second episode in the Coon and Friends arc. The reason I drew him spilling milk was for three reasons. One, I must admit I saw a fan art of Mint Berry Crunch spilling his cereal. Two, I saw an 'omorashi' drawing before drawing this -__-;; Three, I wanted to combine milk into this because it was an innuendo ^^;; But i didn't want to make it so dirty, so it just simply became spilled milk.

SPOILER ALERT: For those that have watched all three episode, you would know Mint Berry Crunch actually peed his pants in the third episode of the arc. As I mentioned i drew this before the third episode even came out. So it was an eerie surprised that my intentions and what actually happened in the third episode matched O___o



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