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Joyeux Halloween!

Joyeux Halloween by ~jHYtse on deviantART

France from Hetalia.

Yes, I purposely drew him creepy looking. It is for Halloween after all ^__^;;

You guessed it, it's inspired from conversations I have with people over Twitter once again. This came to be because I made a tweet about Old Navy's 16th anniversary commercial I saw on TV. The guy pushing the cake out on a trolley near the end had sparklers placed strategically in front of his nipples. At a quick glance, you would think the guy had sparkling nipples XD So that's what I tweeted about. People responded, and someone mentioned how there should be candy corn nipples XD And I asked who should have candy corn nipples; they replied "France". Hence, this drawing.

Amazing that this year I was able to draw TWO fully coloured drawings for Halloween. Previous years, I sometimes didn't even finish one.



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